Suspended Ceiling

Otal Constructions is proud to provide suspended ceiling service to clients with top-of-the-range, innovative structures to take your space to the next level. This includes suspended ceilings, a type of modern finish that is hung below the ceiling structure within your desired room. Most suspended ceilings are constructed with acoustical tiles and steel grids, though these materials can certainly be customised to meet your requirements. Supported by structural framing designed to hold heavy loads, your ceiling may be suspended from a roof or ceiling deck, depending on your preference and desired style. Suspended ceiling services within Brisbane are becoming increasingly popular for businesses and other metropolitan areas, and we would love to help you choose the most suitable design for your office space.


Suspended ceilings are practical and stylish structures as they can simply be suspended underneath an existing ceiling to allow a unique touch within your space. It allows for easy maintenance and is a great way to cover and hide unappealing wiring, plumbing, cabling or ductwork. Suspended ceilings are typically fitted in offices and commercial spaces.

Suspended ceilings offers a large number of advantages as they can be fitted over existing drywall, exposed framing, metal joists and tiles – assisting the overall workload of the project to be minimised. Additionally, repairs and alterations are simplified when it comes to suspended ceilings due to the materials used at the point of construction. This allows for easy access and set-up of fixtures such as lights, speakers, surveillance and fire safety equipment.

We lead the competition in Brisbane when it comes to refurbishmentfitouts and maintenance. We will work with the highest level of care to ensure your project is brought to life exactly as you imagine, with workmanship and expertise of the highest level.

Feel free to give us a call to further discuss our suspended ceiling services to see how we can best assist you with an innovative construction project that will give your space that “WOW” factor.



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